Fabio Bregoli was born in Brescia. His strong passion for art and culture brought him to attend an art school, where he learned the basis of drawing. This passion will lead him to discover the engraving masters of Gardone Val Trompia. After a nine-year-learning on guns and fine knives he comes out with new artistic ideas.


Besides the gun and knives engraving, he created specific techniques to work on valuable pipes. In this way he transforms simple pipes in a work of art.

This new way of seeing the pipe and the idea of transforming it were born by chance walking through a corner market where antiques were sold. Here on a stand Fabio saw a pipe for the first time. He fell in love with it, and fascinated by the ancient art of smoking that only such kind of object can remind, he decided to buy it. That was the start of Fabio’s relationship with pipes.

After years of studying and a lot of practice in the fields of metal engraving, curving, scrimshaw and marquetry, which allowed him to discover the wood in all its aspects and characteristicscropped-incisione.jpg, Fabio managed to develop and reate new and unique engraving methods. Thanks to them he is now able to turn pipes into real jewels.

 Fabio can work on pipes of every kind and brands; following customers’ requirements and tastes he develops a customized hand-made drawing, rendering the object unique.

 The materials used to engrave pipes are all of high-quality. For instance there are metals such as gold (yellow, green, red and white)and silver, precious stones, fossil or colony ivory , and many other first matters, following customer’s needs and desires.